Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh! Today

Time : 3.16 a.m.

Date : Friday, January 22,2010
Venue : My Room
Current Mood : Kusut Musut

Tomorrow we need to attend our Cocur class dat is JPA.haih. I hate dat class coz of da person who 'teach' us. da la byk mrepek je lam clas.

i hate dat person. sometimes i hope i can be quarantined from dat clas so i can throw far far away dat memory.

only friends who attend his clas last week know da 'tragedy'. i will always remember him coz of his fucking mouth.

his stupidity was revealed when he call me 'ehem2'. his face is very very likely familiarly to pudge the butcher.

hate him so much.enough bout da fucking bitches.

Today will be my suckest day coz ive lack of money. i ever think about stealing but im not dat kind of person. sell my lappy? no no no. my life depends on my lappy.

a day without my lappy such a very damn boring day for me. i have once left my lappy at my college.whoaaa! no lappy at home? n i almost lost my lappy when my friend's room was entered by stealers.

lucky for me, da kind stealers who entered da room only took 60sen on da table. dat's what my friend told me. ko dpt dose r kalo ko tpu. i'll pray for their happiness coz of not taking my lappy along with them.huh!

back to da money matter. how can i get those money? what can i eat without money? i got an idea. i take my phone. i dial my mom's number. yeah! what a brilliant idea! but it such a waste of time. no answer from mom. so,no money.

huaaa! then i dial my dad's no. also no answer from dad. i thought about something. "nak makan ape mlm nie.haduhhh". makkk! nak duit!!!

nevermind. i got my baby. i was on messages with her just now before she left me alone and off to finish up her assigmnent.

i was left alone once again. from now on i will learn to stay loyal to my beloved.

she is da only one who can make me smile, happy, sad, proud, stupid, cry, laugh, hungry, thirsty, and almost horny.

haha! syg u SHENGAL!

hurm. but now when she off i feel something strange inside my head.

my eyes going to be in dark again. i heard my friend shouted "tido tido!" sleepy is coming near. and near. annddd neeaaarrrrr.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh! Gemok

Time : 3.34 p.m.
Date : Tuesday, January 12,2010
Venue : My Room
Current Mood : Full Oredy

oh! meor gemok...di sini ak nk publish blog gemok...

klik sini...

hehe...korg komen la byk2 kt blog dy...dy suke org komen blog dy dy kn lawa...

cantek...haha...gemok2...ak bru dpt installer game virtual farm...da stgh jam ak maen...

bole thn la...lyn gk...skg farm ak da bkmbg...ak ad kndg kalo gemok bce kompem dy glk...

hahaha...lntk la jnji ak sonok men...zal yg sent installer gme ktorg men gme kl trbg...

kpl trbg zal rosak trok...ps2 wat alasan xbese men...piiirahhh...kalo gemok men pown sme gk...
tah2 lg trok kot...haha...

laptop da berabuk...nak cuci mls...xde pencuci...ckp kt meor msti dy soh gne sbon bsoh...da taw da gemok oii...pak chain dok tido...mulut tenganga...amek wayar charger jolok msok mlut bru taw...da la pkai buah epal...haha...

da r...nk smbong men farm...bile?


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh! Contest

Time : 11.53 p.m.
Date : Sunday, January 10,2010
Venue : My Room
Current Mood : Happy Always! post ntok arini...ntok sape2 yg nk join,sila2kn la diri 2...tarikh tutup 13 "janurai"(bak kate penganjur,g tgk kt blog penganjur) referrer ak k...klik ntok sape2 yg nk join bole usha syarat2 kt blog penganjur...cmbesh je kn...cpt2 sket sbb tarikh tutup 13 jan...hadiah?jeng3...tgk kt blog penganjur gk k...lumayan tuhhh...


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oh! Lecturer Bodo

Time : 11.15 a.m.
Date : Saturday, January 9,2010
Venue : My Room
Current Mood : Happy Always!

aku kene halau ngan lecturer JPA la syial...sebab? ak pkai bju itam ngan suar jeans

ngan kasot converse apit ngan belt coklet buruk...dy panggil ak setan? penagih dadah?

buto...ayat tu chantek sket...da la pendek...nak g konsert? tunggu r blek epo nk g

clubbing pon bole...kire baek la ak dtg tu...kalo x ak da mls nk g...nyesal ak g kalo

stakat ntok kne halau...dy soh blek tuka bju...ceh...kalo da blek x g da ak nk

g...rmbot plak x ptong...dy ckp ak nk g konsert...i am? palotak dy...ak nk g clas dy la

puki...nme dy pown ak xtaw...yg ak taw nme dy lecturer puki! patot la ade parut kt

muke...xensem pon muke mamat lancaw tu bodo!


Klik! Sahaja